Take a look at this article. This wonderful lady and her family have won the battle to save these beautiful Live Oaks. She has worked hard! It goes to show that if you fight hard for what you believe in, you *really* can make a difference. We are so grateful to have been involved in this project, and hope that these beautiful trees will be around for all to enjoy for many years to come. (see link below)

State Redesigns Road to Save Ancient Live Oaks

Don’t be Fooled by Cheap Pruning Estimates

Don’t be fooled by cheap pruning estimates. Improper pruning can leave your trees unhealthy and in poor condition. Unfortunately, not all tree companies practice proper pruning techniques. Poor pruning by cutting the wrong branches or too many branches can cause structural and health problems for trees. Examples include trees that have been excessively thinned, lions-tailed […]

2014 Community Stewardship Award

So proud of Jeff! He was presented with the Keep Brazos Beautiful Community Stewardship Award at their 2014 Emerald City Gala on Friday.


We’re just cleaning up a little freeze damage. Palms are a great addition to any tropical landscape; however, they are prone to freeze (even here in Texas). Many Palms were damaged this winter by the hard freeze that hit the Brazos Valley in February. If you have Palms, give us a call. We can help […]

Molting Time!

We are beginning to receive calls from people who are concerned about their Live Oak and Water Oak trees turning yellow and the leaves falling off. Please know that they are most likely molting right now, which is a normal part of their annual cycle to prepare them for new Spring growth. They will […]

Deadly Work of Art

This is borer damage. Quite artistic, yet … quite deadly. (Picture c/o John Tomlinson, Master Arborist, Dallas, TX)